Dear visitor

You just bumped into Duccio Aiazzi’s web site and you might want to know something about him
Duccio Aiazzi was born in Firenze, grew up in Firenze and studied architecture in Firenze
He likes cities, buildings, the complexity of trees, the touch of different materials, photography and he likes to align objects
He’s a real architect
He thinks that watermelons without seeds wouldn’t be so good and it wouldn’t be so joyful when you find a slice without
One day he moved to London for few months that turned into five years
He now lives in Paris
Duccio Aiazzi is actually me and I don’t know why I’m talking in the third person

Welcome to my web site

20th November 2011

06 January 2014

Latest news on a residential project in Paris


22 July 2013 - new additions

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Boulogne - Restructuration de bureaux

24 July 2012 - Renovation of a mansard

Mansard in Florence