Project: Restructuration de bureaux

Firm: Atelier Zundel Cristea

Location: Boulogne - Billiancourt, France

Client: GECINA


Date: 2012-2014


The project consists of the renovation of an office building located in Boulogne, of the refitting of the core and office floors and of the design of a new cafeteria at the ground floor.

The existing façade, dating from the ’60, is thermally obsolete and does not provide enough daylight.

The new façade is a double skin system: the internal layer, composed by large windows and an insulated opaque part in aluminium, provides the thermal protection; the external layer, a single sheet of glass mounted on an aluminium frame and jointed with silicon, provides the solar protection. Automated blinds are placed within the two layers in order to maximise the solar protection when needed, with a high degree of flexibility.


The offices spaces are treated with a neutral, common colour scheme.




The cafeteria is treated as an alien insertion within the existing hall and canteen, a wooden box with an intricate and precious ceiling.